WARNING: Dream 100 Launch Is Highly Limited (To KeepValue As High As Possible) Apply To Join NOW
Want To Join The Next Private Group?? The ONLY Way To Get In Is To Apply For
Want To Join The Next PRIVATE Group?? The ONLY To Get In Is To Apply For
Dream 100 Launch...
Dream 100 Launch...
If You Want To Join Dream 100 Launch...
If You Want To Join Dream 100 Launch...
...and launch the Dream 100 into your business the RIGHT way, and absolutely blow things up with a group of elite, hand-selected entrepreneurs...
"Dream 100 Launch Is An Intentionally-Small, Very Private, Closed-Door  Program That Many Want Access To, But Few Can Get In...The ONLY Way To Get In Is To Complete The Dream 100 Launch Application On The Next Page. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then You Can Still Get In...Start Your Dream 100 Launch Application NOW!"
Why The Dream 100 Launch Program Is...
Why The Dream 100 Launch Program Is...
"Ridiculously Awesome"
"Ridiculously Awesome"
I'll say it: most courses suck. 99% of people create them just to make money, they don't care about the experience or actual value. They take your money, deliver the same-old stuff, and just give you a login and say "here ya go". Nobody gets results. Not anymore, we're changing the game...and I'm taking you with me to prove it. When's the last time you remember a course that OVER delivered...Get Your Dream 100 Launch Application In NOW
What To Expect...Dream 100 Launch:
  • Total Clarity On Who & What: You'll know exactly WHO  
    target and what to target them with to get a "YES!" 
  • The Dream 100 Revealed: You'll be the FIRST to get ALL of
     Dana's nuggets that he personally uses (they're RIDICULOUS...)
  • PRIVATE Coaching: You'll get private group coaching 
     with the small group to answer ALL your questions ($25,000 value)
  • An Awesome, Fun Journey: You know hanging with me is 
  • ​Brand New DFY Portion - We will (Read Below)
  • 1) Research & building the Dream 100 List, including gathering
    the data and contact points, plus ice breakers so you can take
    control of your traffic and build your own audience the fastest way possible
  • ​2) Craft the perfect, original scripts for your outreach campaign
    and getting them perfect so they gain receptive replies
  • 3) The actual sending of the scripts to your Dream 100 Targets,
    to all their contact points WITH a follow-up message in case they
    don't 'reply right away
  • Free Ticket To A One-Day Mastermind (April 2nd) At Our World Famous Office in Clear Lake, WI!
*Limited Dream 100 Launch Spots Available*

"Dana Is Truly Special"

"I get asked to speak at events probably 15 times a week, but only spoke at 4 events last year: My own Funnel Hacking Live, Grant Cardone's 10X Growth Con, Tony Robbins Business Mastery, and Dana Derricks' Dream100Con. There's a reason for that: you need to work with Dana to see this for yourself." 
- Russell Brunson, Co-Founder of Clickfunnels
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Private Program...
The Private Program...
Lisa was skeptical, unsure, and felt torn: "Should I apply? Is this just another one of those hyped up programs with no value? Should I invest more time & money into this?" See for yourself if Lisa made the right choice...
Join the ranks of Clickfunnels, LadyBoss, Dean Graziosi, and more in the Dream 100 Launch Program...
Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Dana Derricks
Goat Country, USA

I'll keep this simple. The Dream 100 is the foundation for every single wildly successful company...in history. Period. 
There's no better time, place, or venue to master, execute on, and change your life because of the Dream 100 than
Dream 100 Launch...
I put my heart and soul into this, the nuggets and strategies for your business, and every single detail of your experience to change your life. This isn't a normal program, you'll find out. 
Here's How To Get In The Dream 100 Launch Program...
Here's How To Get In The 
Dream 100 Launch Program...
The ONLY way to qualify for a spot is to complete the entire Dream 100 Application
"It's been deal after deal since joining..."
  • Follow my instructions: Do as I say and you'll have a great chance to get in...
  • Do a great job on your application: The better, more in-depth you go on your application, the better chance you have to get accepted into Dream 100 Launch.
  •  Let this change your life: Dream 100 Launch is going to change your life, but only if you allow it to. Do that now. 
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
Don't Just Take My Word For It...
See What Other Have Said About Their Experience...
WARNING: Dream 100 Launch Is Highly Limited (To KeepValue As High As Possible) Apply To Join NOW
"Words can't express how appreciative I am"
"I got a response back in 5 minutes (why did I wait so long??"
"Holy Sh**! I just landed the deal!!"
"The value is insane!!"
"Just locked in another promo, 82k subscribers!"
"We now have people prescribing clients to us!"
"It doesn't get any better than this!!"
"The Dream 100 Works!! But you knew that"
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